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Employee Verification


Verification Process

Post-employment investigation services: Ignoring the integrity of existing employees or ex-employees at the management level could cost any company dearly. An employee has significant access to databases and confidential information which may be swept. Here, the client company's security is only as strong as the weakest link. In order to make investigation an easy task, we also cover surveillance and checks on existing and ex-employees to determine the possible existence of fraud or espionage activities.

Our Hiring System


We provide:

  • Security/Protection Guards - Security Personnel managed by Site Supervisors to secure your premises
  • Event Security - Personnel to secure any professional/social events conducted by you or your organization
  • Armed Body Guards - Personal protection
  • Surveillance Officers - Guards who are equipped with technical knowledge to handle and monitor electronic security devices. They are also taught basic troubleshooting techniques

After a comprehensive pre-employment screening process, we recruit our security personnel based on their ability to sustain themselves in the industry and contribute towards the secure growth of our clientele. Security guards we induct are


  • Able-bodied persons with minimum qualification being matriculation going up to graduate and postgraduate

  • Age Group 21-45

  • Understand English and vernacular languages as per your requirement
  • Smart and efficient personnel, who will rise to critical situations

All personals employed are trained whether civilians or ex-servicemen by trained personnel. Ex-servicemen and ex-police personnel are employed to educate the candidates and simulate real-life situations where training is conducted using high-end techniques and equipment. The personnel undergo a rigorous training schedule with a prescribed curriculum and also depending on the client requirement that broadly consists of the following:

  • Security Drill Procedures
  • Basic fire prevention and fighting
  • First aid rendition
  • Handling telephones & general etiquette
  • Use of manual detectors, frisking, and other security procedures
  • Basic storekeeping
  • Traffic control
  • Day/Night Perimeter patrolling
  • General etiquette
  • Information and intelligence gathering
  • Public/Guest Relations

Apart from the statutory norms such as Provident Fund and Employee State Insurance Fund, the following facilities and benefits are enabled:

  • Bonus to all eligible security personnel including attendance bonus.
  • Gratuity for the employees who have completed five years of service.
  • Bank/ATM Card facility for all personnel to access their salaries easily
  • Group/Life Insurance cover for security personnel to seek treatment in private hospitals
  • Interest-free Loans/Advances to eligible employees for Wedding, Housing, Children's education, and medical emergencies
  • An additional incentive to eligible staff in appreciation of exceptional work done
  • Leave encashment facility
  • Free medical checkup for every security personnel