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About Us



Jaguar Securitas came into being in Oct 1996. Jaguar Securitas was acquired by Brig G S Lamba under the banner of Gobi Enterprises Private Limited with its registered office at Haryana. Brig G S Lamba after retirement had served as a director with Group 4 Securitas and this experience added to the already vibrant Jaguar Security.

In Aug 2007, Brig Y C Bali and Lt Col Bishan Dutt were inducted onto the Board Of Directors and the further impetus was provided to the company. Under the guidance of Brig Y C Bali, Brig G S Lamba, and Lt Col Bishan Dutt the company has established itself as one of the trusted names in the field of Security and total facility management.

In 2019 Tushar Dutt was taken on board as a director to further strengthen the company's profile with his expertise in psychology, human resources, and deployment of manpower. After a 5-year stint in the United Kingdom, he got certified in health and safety and now oversees the operation and training of the manpower provided. 

In 2020 Aditya Dutt was taken on board, as director of strategy. Aditya is an established audio engineer based out of Los Angeles, California, and an advocate of research and inclusion of technology for the development of industries. After setting up his online music schools in 2017 and successful music studios across India and Hollywood, Los Angeles, Aditya's entrepreneurial experience in setting up healthy businesses further enriches the pool of Gobi Enterprises. Within his first few months in the company, Aditya has opened new doors of innovation by automating many of the services and developing the business through the online medium, this endeavor has propelled the company to new heights during testing times. 

Gobi Enterprises is a dynamic mix of experience and innovation.

Our Mission

Gobi Enterprises has stood steadfast in the ethos of security. We aim to provide complete security solutions for our clients be it large-scale industries or small businesses. The company functions on the premise of accountability and transparency which is a testament to our long-standing clientele. 

Our vision

"Security doesn't cost, it pays."